Covid-19 has changed the way we see things and use spaces. FustaSolar  project aims at producing local clean energy while taking advantage of the now unused city rooftops spaces, creating new gathering spaces for the neighbors.

We are all aware fossil fuels haved cause a lot of damage, we need to move towards a new clean energy model for our growing population


Unused city rooftops...

We see city rooftops as an unexploited opportunity to become new social gathering spaces and areas to produce our own energy.  

"From an unused and exposed rooftop to a new green and

active space"

Most rooftops spaces are empty and under used, as well as its surface which is exposed long hours to solar radiation, not taking real advantage of it. Instead, we aim at recovering those spaces, bringing social activity while producing clean energy for the city.Part of the space can be used for growing crops and for intorducing new green in the neighborhood.

Each rooftop will become a production node on the matrix, giving energy to the communal areas of the building. Savings on electric bill per year.  

Image: Barcelona City council


Modular solar pergolas 

Residential use:

a new ecological and social Timber Solar Pergola to bring clean energy to your building while providing it with a new social gathering point.The pergola is modular & flexible enough so people can decide on the number of high-performance photovoltaic panels to be added.

Digitally monitoring their production and savings via App/computer

Neighbors Energy self production 

COVID-19 has emphasize the need for using our house spaces in a more flexible way. A new modular solar + social pergola which brings together people, re-activating the existing building’s rooftop spaces while providing clean energy for the building itself. We are switching toward a new cleaner energy model, why can’t we install these light structures on our now empty and unused rofftops?

Easy to install on new and existing building rooftops

-Timber: use of natural materials

-Modular: choose the number of solar panels and pergola size

-Prefabricated using digital technology

-Clean energy used

for communal areas, Parking lightning, Intercom,etc

New social meeting points

We envision the pergolas creating new flexible gathering spaces for the community.

Greening our city: planters with new green growing (local species) will create  a healthier and natural atmosphere

The idea is to digitally prefabricate the different timber structure elements which are prepared to be assembled and joined together in an easy manner. The structure will be anchored in different ways according to the rooftop characteristics.All timber used will be certified, treated & ecological (controlled forests) 

FustaSolar is more than a Solar Pergola. As a concept, we aim at using Certified Timber as the new material for shaping our built environment , while introducing technology systems for the fast changing world we live in.

"Exploring your property

    ecological potentials"

We are architects, already designing and actually completing buildings using Timber. We can help our clients with their property/building Design and adapt great timber solutions for it to become a real healthy & sustainable property, while introducing technology  and control systems for monitoring the future performance.

Contact us to discuss further about your property.



Barcelona, Spain

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